ISIS Uncut

There seems to be no shortage of opinion following a Fox New decision to post the unedited ISIS video of the cruel torture and death of a captured Jordanian pilot. First, to counter a fairly lame framing of the question from Tony Maddox at CNN, “So you got to ask, first of all, do we […]

The Santa Cycle

The calendar is barely into Autumn. The stores are heading into December. The ever early launch of the BIG shopping season has become more than mission creep, it’s more like a policy of mutually assured deductions. The earlier the displays go up, the earlier the prices will begin to come down. The major retailers are […]

Brian Get Back

  Someone alert the authorities. Brian Williams is missing! And who is this in his place? When he took the anchor chair at NBC News a decade ago in one of the smoothest transitions of a high profile anchor (as in the not so smooth transitions of Ann Curry or Dan Rather, among others) billboards […]

Piers Morgan

One if by land, two if by sea and three if by departing by plebiscite. In the case of Piers Morgan, the British is leaving CNN, by the democratic process of declining audience. A prime time television show, even on cable, cannot survive with an audience in fractions of its competitors at Fox and even […]

Scaredy Cat

A single act can change perceptions and alter stereotypes for both the good and the bad. That’s a -very- important concept in both news and in public relations. Ask Tara the Hero Cat. The Badass cat. The cat of millions of YouTube views. The cat of the hour. The cat of 15 minute fame. But […]

Master of Reinvention

America loves a good spectacle.. and an amazing comeback. Several may be in the works. In Augusta, where azaleas perform their annual rites of spring, where Amen Corner has prompted the silent prayers, the heroic escapes and rallies by such as Palmer, Nelson and Snead, there is the return of Tiger Woods to the Masters. […]