CBS, Welcome Home

Seems the word has escaped. I am thrilled to be returning to CBS News and to the Early Show.
This process began several months ago with regime change in the Middle East. That lure held latent grew stronger. Then Japan, Libya, tornadoes and Bin Laden. It became apparent if I did not return soon, the only major stories left would be a live capture of Big Foot or a Close Encounter of the Third Kind.
The regime change in the Middle East seemed to coincide with regime change at CBS News. Even the early signs of that transformation seemed to indicate that Jeff and David were dedicated to bringing the division back to our center. The believers were back. I wanted to be a part.
This opportunity is one that I accept with excitement, humility in the trust invested and a healthy dose of fear.
When I left almost four years ago I said, “ My highest regard and greatest reward has been to work with some of the best correspondents and producers of our times, who put themselves in place and in peril to cover the stories..”
My esteem for all of you has never waned.
I am honored to return, to refocus on the editorial strengths of CBS News and to work alongside each of you as we work to create a new model for the morning broadcast.
See you Monday.

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