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Scaredy Cat

A single act can change perceptions and alter stereotypes for both the good and the bad. That’s a -very- important concept in both news and in public relations. Ask Tara the Hero Cat. The Badass cat. The cat of millions of YouTube views. The cat of the hour. The cat of 15 minute fame. But […]

Master of Reinvention

America loves a good spectacle.. and an amazing comeback. Several may be in the works. In Augusta, where azaleas perform their annual rites of spring, where Amen Corner has prompted the silent prayers, the heroic escapes and rallies by such as Palmer, Nelson and Snead, there is the return of Tiger Woods to the Masters. […]

CBS, Welcome Home

Seems the word has escaped. I am thrilled to be returning to CBS News and to the Early Show. This process began several months ago with regime change in the Middle East. That lure held latent grew stronger. Then Japan, Libya, tornadoes and Bin Laden. It became apparent if I did not return soon, the […]