Humphreys & Co

During a career spanning decades in the media, we've been from the street level to the executive level, on both sides of the camera.
That gives us a unique perspective of what makes your story compelling. We see it from both sides. Our lifelong commitment to journalistic integrity is still essential in our approach and for our clients. We believe in our clients. It is essential to our messaging. Humphreys & Company seeks clients who have messages that resonate, so that we invest ourselves and integrity in moving it to regional, national and world media.
Use of the plural here, is not an application of the ‘Royal We’. Batt brings 30+ years of experience in the media at the top levels. He also brings decades of relationships, associates and colleagues. That access and knowledge is part of what ‘we’ are all about.
The Message


Clarity. Core. Compelling. The message is the medium. We help you create the message that comes from your core and mission and make it resonate. Consistent and constant across all platforms is the way to heard among all the clatter. When messaging happens fast, we'll make sure it stays within company and government guidelines.
The Mainstream Media


“News of my Death has been highly exaggerated,” The Old Media. There is still power in the written word and network television still commands millions of viewers. We have trained and taken clients through whistle-stop tours of their core markets to the biggest markets in the world, New York City and the networks.
Media Training


Being in front of the camera can be daunting and uncomfortable for even the most successful and intelligent executives. We will train you so you're completely camera ready and confident. Think of it as a value proposition, getting booked isn't the largest hurdle, being rebooked is the goal. 
Crisis Management


It happens. No plan, is not a plan. Communication in a crisis needs to direct information both internally and externally. Your plan needs to speak to compassion, demonstrate command and control your out-going messaging. In today’s media, information is as instant as a tweet. There is no longer a luxury of waiting to assess and act. If you're not in front of your message, someone else is in control.
Advertising Campaigns


A dazzling array of options? Or a communications conundrum. Velocity is no substitute for direction. In the age of instant messaging we bring focus. Reaching your market and audience is not a singular path. Targeted advertising campaigns can drive your message directly to consumers. We can build campaigns for television, radio, print and outdoor media.

Social Media Compliance


The expanding platforms for content and information create almost endless opportunities to connect on both a business and personal level. They also create potential liabilities that can damage your reputation, or put your business in a position of liability. We can make sure all your employees understand their social media rights and responsibilities. Batt wrote the policy for CBS News, he can bring the same insight to your business.

See What Others Are Saying About Humphreys & Co.

It takes someone like Batt to understand your needs in promoting your vision to the media and community. Having a great relationship is the key to getting the most satisfying marketing.

Trish Steele | Founder & CEO | Safe Passage, Los Angeles CA

Our Social media engagement rose dramatically, Facebook exposure climbed 6,000%. They reached out to local media to gain coverage for our charitable activities and exposure as a source for medical news. We have been thrilled with the results of the services and would highly recommend them.

Dr. Frank T. Kerrigan | KFMGroup Palm Desert, CA

Committed to delivering a superior product on time, on target, and on (or under) budget. Very pleased with both production and placement. Great folks to have on your team.

Tommy Hopper | Political Consultant |The Hopper Group