Affair & Honor


Based on the true story of John F. Kennedy in World War Two.

Product Description

In the spring of 1942 the nation is at war. A young ensign is in trouble. He’s in Naval Intelligence and he’s been banished to a small southern base because of a scandalous affair with a suspected spy that has drawn the attention of the F.B.I. and the White House. She is a beautiful Dane who once knew Hitler. He is the son of an ousted ambassador. Jack Kennedy is caught between love, and a hard place.

Kennedy struggles between the conflicts of his affair and his drive to join the war in combat. Young, smitten, sick and sidelined he watches while his friends take the path to glory and his father conspires to keep him safe. Young Jack works his own schemes and lands in the South Pacific.

Based on the true story, Affair & Honor reprises one of the most incredible tales of battle, destruction and survival in World War Two. It also brings to a new audience the story of a young man, who risked life and fortune, to fight for his crew and his country.

Two Kennedy brothers went to war. Only one survived to become President of the United States.


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