Batt was a quick study of our company, our culture and our purpose... and moved us quickly from local to national media. He understands the media and more so, how to get there..

Mike Tomberlin | CEO Tomberlin Automotive Group

Inside Media For Entrepreneuers

From the pitch to public relations, Inside Media for Entrepreneurs is an insider’s view of how to make your venture succeed in the current business environment.

Barbara A. Ritter, Ph.D. | Interim Dean, E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business | Coastal Carolina University

Batt Humphreys is the real deal - he helped make my local consumer segment a phenomenon across America and understands the industry better than anyone else.

Matt Granite | TV Personality

If I was pushed to name a single individual that in twenty five years of private business had the most positive impact on our company, two or three names come to mind, with Batt Humphreys name at the top of that list.

Mike Tomberlin | CEO Tomberlin Automotive Group

Tomberlin Automotive Group

I've known Batt through a decade of network news. He has the rare insights gained only by being at the top of the game.

Rene Syler | Author and Founder | Goodenoughmother.com

Money Man Matt Granite

I wanted to be more than a one-trick reporter. Batt Humphreys helped me become a syndicated success story. He is the inside media pro.

Matt Granite | TV Personality

In two years, Batt Humphreys took us from an occasional B section piece in our local paper to John Stossel, The Early Show and Bloomberg.

Mike Tomberlin | CEO Tomberlin Automotive Group