Nothing to Fear… .

An offer of refuge.. but first this rant:
NYC has its first case of Ebola and the hounds of hysteria have been released. The news media, particularly cable networks, have in effect gone to DEFCON 1. Some ponder the imponderable.. how a city of 8+ million will deal with a single case of Ebola, as if Dallas with a population of 1.3 million was either irrelevant or a training exercise. I would also have to add in context, that this was the city, the center of media, if not their own universe, that also proclaimed a post-tropical storm that made landfall in New Jersey, Superstorm Sandy, and began days of coverage as if it was the first ‘hurricane’ event to ever strike the continental US.
For those who are concerned, take hope in the fact that more people have now been cured of Ebola in the US than have died. Nigeria has proclaimed itself free of Ebola. Not to go negative on Nigeria, but if they can do it.. and we can’t then we have problems far more serious in government and national healthcare than Ebola.
In fact, the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.. as fanned by the media.
But.. if you my friends and loved ones in NYC do have actual fear for your survival.. then I would offer you refuge, on 200 acres here, where if you can hunt, fish and grow a garden (and perhaps ride a horse), you could pretty well isolate yourself from the world, and the threat.. until it burns itself out.
Besides.. the camellia bushes are blooming.

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