Tattoo You!


Curb your enthusiasm!

Dreams are what fuel our hopes. Hope can give us purpose and direction. Don’t be careful of your hopes and dreams, but you might want to rethink your enthusiasm.

Ask Jill Abramson.

It was only a month or so ago that the Executive Editor of the New York Times admitted to having the newspaper’s iconic T, in ink, on her back. Now she is out of the Times and out of a job. The tattoo is forever.

Dream jobs can be like true love, a heady experience that brings passion, joy and a thrill to our lives. It’s intoxicating. Then you wake up with a tattoo.

Call me jaded, cynical and controlled. Most people have. But I don’t have a tattoo.

In life, love and the workplace sometimes its a matter of managed expectations. Every day should be bring new enthusiasm, fresh effort, wild expectations… and a full effort. It’s about taking chances, swinging for the bleachers, riding that crazy edge between success and failure where real creativity lives and being ok with whichever way it falls.

Let’s face it, life is a manic experience. It would be great if the whole of the course were one big high. Every effort a success. All brilliant, all the time. I’ve yet to meet the person who spoke of such over cocktails.

The most successful entrepreneurs I’ve met, including billionaires, tell fascinating stories of success.. and failure. The greater learning experience, is failure. Over time, they have succeeded more than they have failed. It’s all about staying in the plus column. Whether it’s money, or the more worthy accumulation of experiences in life.. if you’re net positive, it’s all good.

Which brings us back to the balance. We should be prepared to embrace victory and defeat, success and failure. The euphoria of success is what drives us forward. It is what we sit and remember by the fireside when we’re old and wistful. It is the perspective of  failure(s) that makes success more sweet.


Enduring love happens, but it’s a statistical longshot. Happiness in the workplace that  endures longer than permanent ink in some nether spot? Buy a lotto ticket. The odds are better.


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